Google Shopping SEO: Top Ranking Factors Uncovered in a New Study

Google’s Shopping was a paid only system until last year when the search giant opened it up to organic results as well. This move was intended to help struggling retailers gain more online sales while the world’s economony was frozen and most consumers were quarantined.

The organic shopping engine is so new there hasn’t been a single study published on it by the SEO community until now. The ecommerce SEO experts at Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting sat down with 35 other SEO experts and discussed the ranking factors that might impact how products rank in this new organic search engine for shoppers. The survey asked ecommerce SEOs to select the most important ranking factors and then again asked them to select only their top 10 ranking factors for Google Shopping.

The Top 20 Google Shopping Ranking Factors

Do these 20 things and your products should rank highly in Google’s organic shopping.

  1. Availability (Google Shopping Feed) – 72.73%
  2. Product Title (Google Shopping Feed) – 72.73%
  3. Keywords in the product description – 68.18%
  4. Average Rating of the product – 59.09%
  5. Country of Sale (Google Shopping Feed) – 59.09%
  6. Keywords in the name of the product – 59.09%
  7. Product Availability – 59.09%
  8. Page load speed of the product page – 54.55%
  9. Click-through rate from SERPs to the product page – 50.00%
  10. Keywords in the title tag of a product – 45.45%
  11. Language (Google Shopping Feed) – 45.45%
  12. Last updated date (Google Shopping Feed) – 40.91%
  13. Number of reviews of the product – 40.91%
  14. Condition (Google Shopping Feed) – 36.36%
  15. Price of the product – 36.36%
  16. Category / Categories the product is in – 31.82%
  17. Keywords in reviews of the product – 31.82%
  18. Recency of reviews or ratings – 31.82%
  19. Linking domain quantity – 27.27%
  20. Number of inbound links directly to the product – 27.27%
top 5 product ranking factors for google shopping

A chart showing the 5 most important product ranking factors for getting a product to rank highly on Google Shopping.

Their study has a lot more information about ranking products specifically in Google Shopping and in Google’s normal organic search engine. We highly recommend reading the 2021 Product Ranking Factors Study to help your ecommerce website’s SEO.

In the study you’ll also get tips to improve your ecommerce marketing from the SEOs who participated.