WooCommerce and Google Have Teamed Up To Give Merchants Free Listings on Google Shopping

Google and WooCommerce just released an integration that will allow all WooCommerce shops around the globe to list their products on Google Shopping’s free organic listings almost instantly, giving a huge boost to WooCommerce seo for merchants that rely on organic traffic for sales.

The WooCommerce extension will require you to have a Google Merchant Center for your shop, which is standard for these types of integrations. Once you have a Merchant Center and install the WooCommerce Google Listings & Ads extension the rest appears pretty simple.

According to the WooCoomerce website you can:

“Sync your store with Google to list products for free, run paid ads, and track performance straight from your store dashboard.”

And according to Google’s official post about the launch:

“WooCommerce merchants can upload their products to Google, create free listings and ad campaigns, and review performance metrics — all without leaving their WooCommerce dashboard.:

This means while working on your store from the WordPress Admin area you will also be able to control a large part of your organic and paid marketing.