Amazon Was Caught Stealing a Company’s Design and Name for a Camera Bag

Amazon was just busted by the company Peak Design for lifting a unique camera bag design of theirs, making it with lower quality materials, and giving it the same exact name.

We were notified of this product theft by ecommerce SEO Joe Youngblood.

According to the YouTube video description the founders at Peak Design frequently work with Amazon to remove counterfeit versions of their product, which makes it every crazier that Amazon would then turn around and steal their design and product name for the Amazon Basics program.

Amazon is one of Peak Design’s biggest partners. We’ve been selling Peak Design products on Amazon for years, and we work closely with Amazon to remove counterfeit and copycat products from their marketplace. Hence, we were astonished when we found out Amazon had copied one of our bestselling bags. They call it the “Everyday Sling,” which, funny enough, is exactly what we call our product.

The duo made a hilarious counter-marketing video which cleverly points out the awfulness of what Amazon did to them while also showcasing exactly why you should purchase their original product over the watered down Amazon Basics verison.

Watch the video here