Amazon Has a Feature That Helps Them Use Reviews to Get Higher Rankings

Ecommerce is everywhere today and the industry is currently in the midst of one of the largest booms since the ability to do commerce over the internet first came about a few decades ago. Amazon is known as the king of this realm, even though selling products online is no longer a new and novel thing. Unlike most ecommerce shops though, Amazon has a focus on staying at the very top and recently we uncovered one trick they use.

Joe Youngblood wrote a post about the way Amazon communicates to users who are leaving reviews of products in order to nudge them into using specific keywords to help their SEO for a specific product.

His post was based on a screenshot shared by fellow SEO Eli Schwartz showing the function in action.

When compared to review gathering processes at competitors like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Wix it’s a clear sign of just how far ahead Amazon is when it comes to digital innovation that helps their ecommerce SEO. According to Joe, no other platform or third-party application allows this seemingly simple feature. His post cites a variety of reasons why this might be. He also calls out the platforms for their often barebones reviews feature offering and ends with an encouraging tone telling ecommerce owners to add digital innovation to their marketing plans.

Will we see big platforms or third-party app/plugin makers create something like this soon?

Who knows, but we have to agree with Joe’s assesment. As a store owner there is a chance you could use a digital innvotion that is simple like this one to elevate your shops pressence and win more high search engine rankings. At the very least you owe it to yourself and the future of your business to examine the possibility of adding some custom functionality to your website or app before third-party providers offer it to everyone.