Google is Making More Shopping Listings Free

In April Google announced that the majority of product listings on their Shopping tab would be free. This move has proven beneficial to Google’s desire to get more shoppers using the service and they say it has also been helping ecommerce retailers not named Amazon drive more sales.

Now the search giant is bringing the free listings to another part of its search engine, the Knowledge panels. Knowledge panels are little sections of information and details inside of Google search results pulled from around the web, typically found on the right-hand side in desktop view and at the top of some search results on mobile devices.

google knowledge panel shopping

Currently the products listed here are paid advertisements designed to drive more advertising revenue from consumers curiously looking up related queries. In a blog post today, however, Google announced these product listings would be free in the very near future.

If you’re not selling on Google now, it appears this is a really great time to start getting your products listed.

Knowledge panel GIF image via Google Shopping’s official blog