Shopify Sellers Can Now Sell on Without Monthly Fees

Walmart and Shopify are teaming up to help ecommerce sellers get in front of millions of shoppers on Walmart’s Marketplace without having to pay monthly fees. This is a direct attack on Amazon’s business which charges various fees for a merchant to list their products.

Growing our Marketplace is a strategic priority, and we are going to be smart as we grow. – Jeff Clementz, Vice President, Walmart Marketplace

While Walmart didn’t mention how many shoppers are estimated to be using the marketplace, this still represents an incredible opportunity. The announcement stated that Walmart plans to get 1,200 Shopify merchants integrated with Marketplace by the end of this year.

Getting setup is fairly easy, start off by installing the Walmart Shopify App and then apply to be included. The announcement makes it sound like Walmart will start off being very picky, likely allowing small branded DTC shops to integrate first and not Shopify stores that sell a large array of products, though this isn’t mentioned in their announcement or in the requirements.

The Walmart Shopify app does list some requirements for approval:

  • US Business Tax ID (EIN) and Form W-9
  • History of marketplace or eCommerce success
  • Track-record of first-class customer service
  • Operations that meet Walmart Seller Performance Standards

And once a store is approved to be listed on Walmart the products must meet these requirements

  • Have GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Number
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Be fulfilled from a B2C US warehouse with a returns capability
  • Comply with Walmart Prohibited Products policy

Read more about the Shopify + Walmart Partnership here:

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